“Meta MusicGen: The Revolutionary AI Text-to-Music Generator”

Everyone in their childhood had a dream like to create their own music and want to enjoy. But unfortunately we can’t do it because of many reason but now with MusicGen you can make your own music with just prompting some description.

Meta has launched their own AI-powered music generator called MusicGen and made it open-source, unlike Google MusicLM. It’s pretty cool because MusicGen was trained on 20,000 hours of music, including 10,000 “high-quality” licensed music tracks and 390,000 instrument-only tracks from Shutterstock and Pond5, which is like a huge library of media.

Let’s check it out!

Right now, you can find MusicGen on Hugging Face and it’s got two options to choose from for generating music.

Option 1: Text-to-Music

Just describe what kind of song you want in the box, and it’ll generate the music for you.

For example, I asked for Indian Hip Hop beats using Guitar and Flute.

Here’s a MusicGen sample:

If you are a free user then due to high demand it takes more than 600 sec to generate music. In the mean time check out some interesting AI tools.

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Option 2: Melody-Based

With this option, you add the melody you want and use a description to give the prompt on how to make the music.

For instance, I gave a simple melody of Drake’s 21 Savage and added the instruction to make it Indian Hip Hop using the guitar.

Here’s the MusicGen sample:

I’m not sure whether they are copyrighted for publishing on YouTube or for use in any music, but you can try it as a hobby and for fun.

Right now, Hugging Face is only generating 15-second videos, but the music is already pretty good. However, MusicGen is still in stage 1 and has only been developing for 6 months, so it may not be a big deal for professional musicians yet.Who knows, though? It may change the game in future iterations.

Whatever the case, give it a shot and let me know what you think! Share your music in your favorite Social Media and tag us to win a chance for $25 Walmart Gift card.