Create Visually Stunning QR Codes

QR codes have become super popular for sharing info in all sorts of industries, like restaurants, businesses, and universities. But let’s be real, plain black and white QR codes can be boring. That’s where artistic QR codes come in! They’re a totally unique and visually stunning way to get people interested.

Today, I’m gonna show you how to make some seriously cool artistic QR codes that’ll get your audience talking!

Steps to follow

Step 1: Visit Quick QR and paste the URL link that you want to generate the QR Code.

Step 2: Below the URL choose the options that you wish and customize the QR code.

Step 3: Once you have done this, download the QR-Code in the png format

Step 4: Now click on Join Beta Now and it will direct you to the Discord server

Step 5: Log in to your discord and verify the Quick QR server

Step 6: Go to the paste-bin section in the server and upload the QR code that you downloaded in Step 3.

Step 7: Once you had uploaded, select the QR code and copy the image URL

Step 8: In the servers select any server and generate a prompt using /generate.

Step 9: Paste the URL that you copied and in the prompt select the type of QR code required( like Cat, house, computer)

Step 10: Once you submit the request it will generate one QR code and you can try it before pasting it anywhere.

In the mean time check “How to use AI in PDF” and “How to create AI videos in less than 2 minutes that you can use in Social Media”.

As most of the QR codes will not work because of the color contrast, so try before using it.

I created more than 4 QR codes before getting the output for the URL.

Share your QR code on Twitter and let’s see how creative your QR code was I will re-tweet the best QR -code