Kindle Paperwhite Review. Is it worth it? Long-term review

For bookworms tired of straining their eyes on phone screens, the Kindle Paperwhite is the reading tech you’ve been craving. Designed by readers, for readers, one touch of the Kindle Paperwhite’s premium e-ink display will have you rediscovering the tranquil joy of getting lost in a good book.

Amazon Kindle is a small and minimal piece of tech where you can read and Listen to books that you have purchased in Amazon Kindle and Amazon Audible.

So, there was so much tech as seen in tablets or smartphones. So, let me say features with the scenarios you may use them.

Here’s a quick overview for those unfamiliar with the Paperwhite:

The Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s popular e-reader that allows you to read ebooks, listen to audiobooks, and access a digital library anywhere. At its core, the Kindle Paperwhite is a dedicated e-reading tablet with an ink screen designed to replicate the look and feel of reading a real paper book

E-Ink Display

Basically, for those who know nothing about the Kindle Paperwhite, it is a mini e-reader that looks like a small tablet.

The Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen comes with a 6.8-inch glare-free E-Ink display. It is wider and taller and can fit in more text, providing a more immersive reading experience.

When you are reading from the Kindle, it feels like old paper, and your eyes will not be strained.

With the 11th Gen Kindle Paperwhite, they introduced Warm Light, which provides a comfortable reading experience in low-light conditions and at night 🌙.

There is also a dark mode, but it simply does not translate well to an E Ink display and makes everything harder to read.


Kindle Paperwhite has a huge promise of up to 10 weeks of endurance on a single charge. For me, I was getting more than 1 month with a single charge and by the end of the month, I still left around 30-40%. So, I think you don’t need to worry about battery life.

Here Kindle doesn’t offer any charger in the box.

Read PDF from Kindle

I learned about this feature recently, after using it for more than 5 months. You can read any PDF or ePUB on any Kindle.

You need to email them to your Kindle Address.

This makes it much easier for someone who reads a lot of articles or PDF papers because you can read for longer hours, highlight, and make notes from PDFs.

Simply email the files to your unique Kindle email address and they will sync automatically over WiFi. This makes the Paperwhite great for reading documents, articles, and DRM-free books from other sources.

Scribe on Kindle

This was an exclusive feature for Kindle Scribe which cost around triple of the Kindle Paperwhite, which I don’t recommend anyone buy.

In Kindle Scribe, you can take handwritten notes from a book. Don’t expect anything similar to note-taking on iPad or Samsung Tabs.

Watch the video from Ali who has reviewed the Kindle Scribe.

Sync Text and Audiobook

For those who are unaware of Audible, it is an audiobook platform where you can buy Audio versions of books. Once again this was an Amazon company.

On the Android/iOS Kindle app. You may sync them so that you can read and listen to them at the same time, making reading more enjoyable and faster. Especially for folks who are slow readers and dislike reading. Using this tool, I can finish a book in less than a week.

You must pay an additional fee for this in this location. You can check how much it costs to buy both an eBook and an Audiobook at the same time. I can claim that it was less expensive than purchasing them separately.

However, this capability was not available on Kindle devices. You may either read or listen at the same time. However, many individuals do not take advantage of this function.

Listen to your Kindle Books and more

Reading books was hard and difficult…or so you used to think. You used to struggle through pages, rereading sentences over and over. You felt like reading was this big villain standing in the way of knowledge and self-improvement.

But then you discovered Speechify. With Speechify, you can get any book in audio form and listen at speeds up to 4.5x faster than normal! Now reading is easy – you just press play and the words flow effortlessly into your mind.

You’ll be able to read more books and get more out of them. Reading is no longer a chore but a delight, opening your mind to new ideas and perspectives.

With Speechify you get access to more than 100+ realistic TTS voices and accents. There are many famous voices like Snoop Dogg, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more. I personally use the voice of Stephanie at 2.8x to 3.5x speed.

What book will you “read” next on Speechify? Discover for yourself how this amazing app can be a portal to knowledge and change your relationship with reading.

Use this link to download Speechify for free. If you comment below on what you like and don’t like about the app, and share this post with friends, I’ll give one of my favorite Kindle books to you for free!

Second Brain

This is the best feature of Kindle and people who read a lot of books or do research from books. You can sync your Kindle with tools like Pocket, and Reader Apps.

So, here whenever you highlight any text on Kindle it will sync with these apps and you can see them on any mobile or computing device. This will help to connect the dots between the theories and helps to learn better.

Again, this was an additional feature and it cost extra bucks to purchase the subscription of these apps.

For a video demonstration watch the video from Andrea

Pricing (Buy or Skip)

The Kindle Paperwhite with 8GB storage costs around $139, which is not cheap and requires careful consideration. Consider buying a Kindle if:

  • You are an avid reader who is tired of straining their eyes on their phone screen.
  • You are a frequent traveler who needs an entire library in a lightweight, compact device.
  • You are a busy parent who squeezes in reading.
  • You are a student constantly annotating and highlighting textbooks.
  • You are a leisure reader who enjoys reading by the pool or at the beach.

Buying books on Kindle is becoming expensive, but not for all books, only for some. Most of the time, it is similar to reading a paper book.

So, it is up to you to decide whether to buy a Kindle or not.