First Podcast App with AI features: Snipd


Snipd is a powerful AI podcast player that can help you get more out of your podcasts. If you are looking for a way to take notes, share your favourite moments, and learn from podcasts, then Snipd is a great option. With its advanced AI capabilities like AI-powered transcripts, automated chapter marks, productivity integrations, and social sharing, Snipd is the best podcast player compared to Spotify, Pocket Casts, and Apple Podcasts.


Podcasts have become one of the most popular mediums for learning, news, and entertainment. The sheer amount of content now available is incredible – on any topic you can imagine, there are great podcast options to dive into.

But with our busy modern lives, it can be incredibly hard to keep up. Most people aren’t able to listen to every new episode from all the podcasts they subscribe to. Valuable insights and engaging moments pass us by.

This is where Snipd comes in. Snipd is a revolutionary new AI podcast app that helps you get way more value from all your podcast listening.

On average, people listened to 17 hours of podcasts per week.


Snipd comes packed with innovative features to help you get the most from your podcast listening.

AI-Powered Transcripts

Snipd uses advanced AI to provide incredibly accurate transcripts of your podcast episodes – over 90% precision. The transcripts allow you to easily search for key moments or topics mentioned in an episode, saving you time hunting for relevant information.

Create Shareable Snips

With Snipd you can snip moments from any episode to create easily sharable audio clips. Whether it’s a laugh out loud joke or a thought-provoking insight, you can snip it out and share with friends and colleagues, allowing you to engage with them about podcast content.

Automated Chapter Marks

Snipd leverages AI to mark chapters throughout your podcast episodes. The chapter marks make it simple to jump directly to relevant sections or topics in any episode, letting you skip to the parts most valuable to you.

Social Sharing

Share snips and episodes on all major social platforms directly from the Snipd app. Adding Snipd’s AI chapter marks and summaries makes your shared podcasts more engaging for your social connections.

Productivity Integrations

Snipd integrates directly with productivity systems like Notion and Obsidian. Save your podcast notes, transcripts, and snips to stay organized and easily search your knowledge, unlocking podcast content for total productivity.

With these robust features, Snipd provides the smartest podcast listening experience available today. The AI-powered features help you efficiently discover, absorb, organize, and share podcast knowledge for maximum benefit.


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Download the app for free from here.


Snipd provides some great benefits that help you get the most out of all your podcast listening:

Save Time

Snipd saves you time in multiple ways. The transcripts let you quickly find the segments you want without having to scan through episodes. Chapter marks make it easy to jump to relevant parts. Summaries give you the key takeaways efficiently. Overall, Snipd streamlines discovering and absorbing podcast content.

Learn More

The transcripts unlock podcast content for improved learning. You can search for topics to expand your knowledge. Summaries also highlight key learnings from each episode. Together, these features help you actually retain more of what you hear.

Stay Organized

Snipd helps keep all your podcast content neatly organized. You can save highlights, transcripts, and notes to productivity apps. Everything stays searchable so you can always find that useful snippet or factoid you picked up. No more podcast content getting lost.

Connect with Others

Sharing snips and episodes boosts how you engage with others about podcasts. The summaries and chapters make the content you share more accessible too. Discussion and discovery of new podcasts becomes seamless.

With benefits like time savings, improved learning, easy organization, and social connection, it’s clear how Snipd can maximize the value you get from podcast listening.


When looking at the top podcast listening apps, most have some form of pricing or subscription model:

  • Spotify: Free with ads, or premium subscription from $9.99/month
  • Apple Podcasts: Free but lacks many features
  • Pocket Casts: Free with ads, or Plus subscription $9.99/year
  • Overcast: Free basic version, or Plus subscription $9.99/year

Many podcast lovers already pay for subscriptions to unlock the full experience on other apps. But even then, you don’t get all the great features included with Snipd.

Snipd’s standout features like AI-powered transcripts, snips, summaries, chapters, and productivity integrations are all available completely free. No ads, no locked features.

While other top podcast apps charge recurring fees, Snipd is free to use.

Ready to start getting more from your podcasts? Download the Snipd app for free today on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store!

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