Why Samsung is Underrated?

This post is for Smartphone review YouTubers, Bloggers (including me), and mostly Samsung for making their software underrated. This is why many people don’t prefer Samsung.

Samsung is renowned for its top-tier smartphones, and their latest S23 series and Galaxy Book are no exception. If you haven’t seen the reviews or initial impressions of these devices, I recommend checking out some of the YouTubers and bloggers who have.

After reading most of the reviews, I noticed that they didn’t mention the important features that people look for, or the things they think don’t exist.

Samsung Apps and their integration with Galaxy Devices

I have heard that Apple has a great ecosystem, and I agree. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Ecosystem is the best in Android and is close to competing with Apple’s. In the coming days, it may even replace Apple’s.

Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes

Samsung has been improving their Notes app for the past 4-5 years, making it the best note-taking app of its era. Now, with One UI 5.1, they have made it even better.

With Samsung Notes, you can now present your notes live with Google Meet. You and your partner can edit, share, and customize your notes while using the Google Meet platform. This may not sound like a time-saver, but it’s the same thing we do on Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. We all present our screens and talk to our team members, and now this is available with Samsung Notes, with much more customization.

Samsung Calendar, Reminder and Bixby

If you’re an iPhone user, you may be familiar with the app Fantastical. It’s a popular calendar app among entrepreneurs, productivity gurus, and others. Samsung has a similar calendar and reminder app, but it isn’t as widely used.

Did you know: You can use your S-Pen to note tasks on your Samsung Calendar?

Bixby Modes and Routines

I think Apple introduced Focus Modes with iOS 14, but Samsung had them earlier and OneUI 5.1 took it to the next level. I have set up some Modes, like when it’s 10:30, my phone automatically turns on power saving mode, DND, reduces the volume to 10%, and more.

Routines are game-changing. Whenever I open Kindle, Samsung Notes, or OneNote, my phone automatically changes the screen to eye comfort mode, DND, and more.

Sometimes I forget to turn off mobile data and WIFI when I go to sleep, but not anymore. Routines detect when I’m sleeping and automatically disconnect them.

These are just a few of the customizations available.


I have seen many YouTube reviews of the S23 Ultra, and less than 5% of them talk about the S-Pen. They usually only mention it for a minute.

Does this mean the S-Pen is a waste? Absolutely not! It has a lot of uses and is better than the Dynamic Island, which is a ******.

However, nobody seems to care about the S-Pen. It has so much potential and so much it can do. I like the concept of having a pen in a phone, and it’s been around for years. But I would argue that it has been improving year by year, and people are still paying a whopping $1200 for it, not just for the camera, display, and battery.

Windows and Samsung

Samsung Windows

This was my first experience with Tech YouTubers or Tech Bloggers. No other Android manufacturer has developed a Windows-based ecosystem for their Android devices like Samsung has. Unfortunately, many YouTubers users failed to recognize its potential. This collaboration could make your phone work on your Windows PC. You can make and receive calls, get alerts, exchange files, mirror your screen, and more.

If you have both an iPhone and a Windows PC, you might have trouble transferring files, and receiving calls, and notifications. But don’t worry, there is a straightforward solution to this problem.

Galaxy Ecosystem

We all used to talk about the Apple Ecosystem, even me in the early days. But now, the Galaxy Ecosystem has reached a crazy level, surpassing Apple, yet no one seems to recognize or care.

The connectivity between Galaxy products is incredibly good and strong. For example, if you have the S23 Ultra, Watch 5, Tab S8 and Galaxy Books, you can make and receive calls on any of them. If you’re using your Galaxy book and your phone is away, you can still take the call on your Galaxy book. Similarly, if you’re browsing the internet on one device and need to continue on another, you can do so with just one click.

Samsung WIndows

You can also use your Tab as a second monitor for your PC, and with One UI 5.1, you can use your S23 as an additional display to drag and drop files from your PC using the touchpad.

These are just some of the features of the Galaxy Ecosystem.

Whom to blame this?

Samsung is mostly to blame for this. They announced the integration of Samsung Notes with Google Meet, yet they have yet to update their Notes website. This is also the case with their other ecosystems.

Did Tech YouTubers or Blogger are the reason for not talking about this.

Yes, definitely. Most YouTubers and bloggers who review smartphones typically focus on the main features. They discuss build quality, display, performance, battery life, and the camera.

Their job is done. I sometimes think they are the ones who reach out to customers and must cover all of these topics.

How to make it more reachable?

I’m not sure how the discussion or deal between brands and influencers works, but Samsung needs to make sure to talk about their ecosystem and apps, and encourage their audience to try them.

I watched one of the Note 10 campaigns, where they asked YouTubers to unbox the phone using another Note 10, so the audience could see the camera quality. I really liked that campaign and wish there were more like it.