How to enhance selfies using AI Photo Editor?

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Taking great selfies can be harder than it looks. Between bad lighting, weird angles, and awkward expressions, getting that perfect shot for social media isn’t always easy. But now there’s an AI-powered photo editor that can enhance your selfies in just seconds – HeyPhoto.

HeyPhoto is a free online app that lets you edit your selfies and portraits like a pro. It uses powerful AI algorithms to detect faces and intelligently adjust attributes, with no complicated editing required. You can correct eye direction, change age, modify smiles, anonymize, swap gender, and more with just a few clicks.

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Correcting Eye Direction for Better Selfies

Wonky eye direction from slight head tilting is a common selfie problem. But HeyPhoto makes it easy to adjust.

Just upload your photo and drag the owl 🦉 icon around. This intuitively controls the eye direction, letting you rotate your gaze until both eyes are looking straight ahead. Now your selfies will have professional-looking eye contact, perfect for social media posts.

Boosting Your Smile for Happier Selfies

Another common selfie mistake is having an awkward, lopsided, or tiny smile in photos. But with HeyPhoto’s AI smile enhancement, you can dial up your grin to look perfect every time.

After uploading, simply drag the smile😀 slider left and right. This lets you subtly widen and brighten your smile for more authentic and joyful selfies you’ll be proud to share.

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Looking Your Best with Age Adjustments

The lighting, angle, and expression of a selfie can sometimes make you look older or younger than your real age. HeyPhoto gives you control over apparent age for great selfies every time.

Just upload your photo and drag the age 👴slider in either direction to look subtly older or younger. Now you can take years off your face or add maturity, whichever makes your selfie look its best.

Anonymizing Your Selfies for Fun

Want to play a game with your selfies? HeyPhoto lets you anonymize 🎭your face to look like someone else while still maintaining your key facial attributes.

After uploading your photo, check out the available lookalike faces. With just a click, your selfie is convincingly disguised while still retaining your essential features. See if your friends can guess who you are!

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Adjust Your Selfie’s Gender

The angle and lighting of a selfie can sometimes masculinize or feminize facial features. With HeyPhoto, you can use the gender slider to offset this effect.

Upload your selfie and drag the slider left or right to subtly adjust the gender appearance of your face. Now you can tweak the masculinity or femininity of your features for the most natural, attractive look.

Fixing up your selfies has never been so quick and easy. With HeyPhoto, you can edit portraits like a pro without complicated tools. Just tweak eye direction, smiles, age, and more to get perfect selfies every time.

So say goodbye to bad selfies, and try HeyPhoto now! And don’t forget to support them on ProductHunt. This AI photo editor is truly revolutionary for enhancing social media photos.

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