Worst movies of 2022: From Liger to Radhe Shyam

Worst movies of 2022: From Liger to Radhe Shyam

Absolutely! It’s been a rollercoaster of a year for the cinema. We’ve been so fortunate to have seen incredible films like RRR, PS-1, and The Kashmir Files, but unfortunately, we’ve also seen some of the worst films in from Tollywood to Bollywood industries.

As I previously stated, 2022 was the year for South Indian movies, as we have seen in the top ten most-rated movies there are primarily from South Industries, and the greatest flops are also from there.

Here are the worst 10 movies,

In 2022 the most trending #hashtags on Social Media were #Boycott (Bollywood movie). Most of the movie got this. BUT WHY?

Liger (3.0)

Liger was one of 2022’s greatest disasters. Even for Vijay Devarkonda, it was the worst Bollywood debut.

Liger which was directed by Mass Puri Janannadh and started by Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey. This was the lowest-rated film on the first day. Liger has the poorest script, dialogue, dubbing, and song timing.

Liger is a story about martial arts, dreams, and star-crossed lovers. Liger is an MMA fighter who trains hard and rises up the ranks with one goal in mind, to fight like his idol, world-renowned MMA fighter Mark Anderson and get noticed by him.


  • Songs
  • Screen Play
  • Dialogues
  • Acting

Dhaakad (4.0)

Kangana Ranaut’s spy action thriller Dhaakad was a box office flop. The film has earned Rs.2.5 crore, despite a budget of roughly Rs.80 crore.

The plot for Dhaakad was Agent Agni, a highly trained and deadly field agent entrusted with the mission to gather Intel and eliminate Rudraveer, an international humanitarian and arms trafficker who has been off the radar for ten years.

I haven’t watched the movie and this critic was based on the reviews on IMDb and public reviews.

Son of India (4.8)

Mohan Babu starred in Son of India. This film earned only Rs.18 lakhs against a budget of Rs.20 crore. There are no bookings reserved for the first show.

Son of India was the Journey of a seasoned politician from a core party leader to the Chief Minister of a state, filled with achievements, manipulations, self-righteous attitude vs pure instinct, of finding despair in the midst of companionship.


  • VFX
  • Slow Narration
  • Screen Play

I haven’t watched the movie and this critic was based on the reviews on IMDb and public reviews.

Bachchhan Pandey (5.2)

Bachchhan Pandey, starring Bollywood stars Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon, has had a poor box-office performance.

This year, practically every film starring Akshay Kumar has been a disaster.

This Bachchhan Pandey is a remake of the Tollywood film Gaddalakonda Ganesh, which was a box-office success.

The story goes like When a struggling filmmaker and actor set out to make a biography on one of the most dreaded gangsters, they have little idea about just how crazy and dangerous it’s going to be.

Heropanti 2 (2.6)

Heropanti 2, which starred Tiger Shroff, bombed at the box office. I’m not writing this to judge my opinion about Tiger Shroff’s acting (POV: Does he know how to ACT?). This film served as Heropanti’s successor (POV: Is Heropanti a Hit? IDK).

I haven’t seen the movie, so if you want to take a chance, don’t go it alone.

The movie had a budget of about Rs. 70 crore, but it barely made Rs. 30 crores.

Radhe Shyam (5.3)

Radhe Shyam, which was the greatest disaster of 2022, featured Prabhas, the first pan-Indian actor and darling of everyone. Despite having a budget of around Rs. 350 crores, the movie only grossed about Rs.150 crore.

Despite being a pure love story, Radhe Shyam failed to keep the audience interested. This movie’s narrative moved a little slowly.

Personally, I think the movie is fantastic. I’ve seen it more than ten times, and while I adore the love tale, the joy is lost when one tries to find a logical explanation

Do you like the Radhe Shyam Movie?

Lal Singh Chaddha (5.5)

Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan starred movie Lal Singh Chaddha was a disaster for Bollywood. This movie was the remake of The Forest Gump which was the best movie.

Laal Singh Chaddha is a simple man whose extraordinary journey will fill you with love, warmth, and happiness and will also make you laugh.

The acting of Amir Khan was not impressive and the fun which was a plus in Forest Gump was missing in this and the story narration was not good.


  • Acting
  • Slow Story Narration
  • Old story

Brahmāstra (5.6)

Brahmastra was the biggest box office in Bollywood. This movie was started by the lovely couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhat. Ayan Mukerji’s previous movies Yeh Jawaani Hey Deewani, Swadesh, and Wake Up Sid are the biggest hits and even this movie was also good but I didn’t like the movie.

Brahmastra is the story of Shiva who sets out in search of love and self-discovery. During his journey, he has to face many evil forces that threaten our existence.

I particularly think the movie has slow narration and the dialogues were not good. This movie has good graphics and has the presence of Big B Amitabh Bachchan and SRK.

What are the worst movies you watch in 2022?

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