What is eSIM? Advantages & Disadvantages. How do activate it?

HIGHLIGHTS (main points and conclusion statement)

  • eSIM was a virtual SIM, similar to Internal Storage.
  • You can’t easily switch phones with eSIM.
  • It was very simple to get an eSIM or convert your physical SIM to one.
  • Getting an eSIM had far more downsides than positive ones.

Hello and welcome to 🍏Apple. We at 🍏Apple make the finest iPhones as per your requests (Not really). In response to your requests, we enhanced performance, put in an in-display fingerprint reader, increased the battery capacity, eliminated the annoying notch, and much more. Also as per your request, we also take the least-used SIM tray out of our most recent iPhone so you can use the eSIM feature. (Who asked).

Anyway, we’ll learn about eSIM, its benefits and drawbacks, and how to get or activate one.

What is eSIM

How many people are familiar with the full form of SIM? Because I had no idea until I started writing this post.

eSIM stands for Embedded-Subscriber Identity Module📱. In a sense, eSIM is a virtual SIM that functions similarly to internal storage in that it cannot be removed. Similarly, operators such are Jio, Airtel, Vi or T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T digitally transfer or activate eSIM card data.

There are some basic advantages and big disadvantages to moving to eSIM



It was really simple and convenient to switch from a physical SIM to an eSIM. To change your physical SIM to an eSIM, take these simple steps. The steps are outlined below.

easier to switch networks.

Switching networks is made easy with eSIM. You do not have to wait weeks for your new SIM to arrive. Simply take your phone to a network-operated store or make a booking online, provide the details like IMEI and EID with the executive, and it will be activated in minutes.

Use less space

I am not a smartphone maker who can state, “With this new phone, we fully deleted our SIM tray to save X% space and added this wonderful XX feature to our latest phone.”

However, by removing the SIM tray, the company can save some space for an extra battery or another feature.

Can easily track your phone

eSIM comes to an advantage when your phone was stolen. As they can’t remove the SIM or can’t insert their SIM, you can easily track the phone.


How many of you guys feel the advantages, at least not me?

The major disadvantage was

Not easy to quickly switch devices

I’m not sure about other people, but when your phone wasn’t working properly or when you changed your phone, it was very convenient to remove your SIM and move it to other devices.

I frequently remove my SIM card whenever there was a bad connection or when my SIM wasn’t functioning properly. Usually happens with my favorite Jio. But it didn’t work even if I remove and insert but it was my satisfaction. 😊

You cannot do that with the eSIM. When you moved your device, you should get in contact with your network provider.

It was not necessary to do this when switching from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, but it is when switching smartphone brands.

You may face difficulties when visiting other countries since you cannot add a temporary SIM. You must get in touch with your telecom operator’s customer support for simple SIM card-related issues. In other words, the SIM has a limited ability to unlock your phone.

How to Activate eSIM or get a new eSIM

If you already had an eSIM in your old iPhone and upgrade your phone. Check the process to transfer eSIM to a new iPhone.

Check out the How to Active or get a new eSIM from Airtel

Here are a few simple steps to get a new eSIM or active from Jio

If you have a Verizon or AT&T network provider check the simple ways to activate or get a new eSIM.

Thanks for reading till the end.