Watch your Favourite TV and movies for free on YouTube.

YouTube is now working on offering Free-Ad Supported TV Channels(FAST) according to WSJ.

For those who aren’t aware of FAST channels, it is a category of streaming television services that are available to consumers without a paid subscription, is funded solely by advertising, and streams traditional television programming and studio-produced movies.

We can see this model previously from Roku, Amazon Prime, and even Apple TV +.

YouTube has been working on Prime Channels since November 2022. According to a WSJ reporter, YouTube takes more than a quarter-percentage commission when anyone purchases a membership to these channels through YouTube.

You can subscribe to YouTube Prime Channels and watch content such as movies, TV shows, sports, and others from your favorite TV channel without leaving the YouTube App.

This was a successful business strategy for the TV manufactures like Roku and others who offer this. According to Verge, Vizo pulls in an average of $27 annually per year, while Roku manages to net more than $44 per year.

YouTube previously offer some of the top channels like Paramount+, Show Time, and some others and now they are testing a new hub of various news channels.

According to a YouTube spokesperson, the business is conducting a modest experiment in which a subset of viewers can watch free, ad-supported channels in order to measure consumer interest. “We’re constantly searching for innovative ways to give viewers a central destination where they can more quickly locate, watch, and share the material that means most to them,” added the spokesperson.

YouTube has begun testing the new center of free, ad-supported streaming channels with content producers such as Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., A+E Networks, Cinedigm Corp., and FilmRise.

According to people associated with the discussions, YouTube has considered taking a cut of ad revenue from the new hub, similar to its current arrangement with content creators, in which it receives 45% and allows programmers to keep 55%.

How to subscribe to the Prime Channels on YouTube.

On website

  • Open
  • Open the menu bar on the left side
  • Tap on Movies and TV
  • You can see Primetime channels
  • Open any of them (Paramount Plus)
  • Click on Try for Free and later you can subscribe to the channel

On Mobile Device

  • Open YouTube App
  • Select Library from bottom
  • Choose movies and TV.
  • Navigate to Browse and choose and watch your movies there.