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Twitter Edit review and Twitter Mix Option

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Twitter Edit option

Since the beginning of September, Twitter has been teasing the edit option. Twitter previously bought this feature for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Today (10/06), this is also available in the United States. This was only available to Twitter Blue subscribers who pay $5 per month.

The Twitter edit option allows you to edit the tweet five times within the first 30 minutes of its publication, and followers can view the edit history if necessary.

Here are my thoughts on Twitter Edit.

A very good option, but not for everyone; I don’t find it useful because if I make a mistake, I can delete and retweet.

This Tweet Edit option will not be available while replying to others’ tweets and even while tweeting on communities.

My full impression and review of Twitter Blue will be available on October 9th. I’ll go over whether it’s worth it, what features you can get, and whether they’re useful.

Check out my edited tweet


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Twitter Mix helps you can post photos, videos & gifs all at once

Twitter is testing a variety of features, including Status, Edit Button, Podcasts, Undo, and others. One of them was Twitter Mix, which allows you to tweet various types of media content in a single tweet. Previously, you could only upload 1–4 photos, 1 video, or 1 GIF at a time.

This was a good option and I think I use it more.

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