Tweet Bot is the best Twitter client


The best alternative to the standard Twitter app, however, if you want to use Twitter-exclusive features like spaces and communities, don’t use it.

Tweet Bot, for those who are unfamiliar, was a Twitter alternate app (Twitter Client). This was only available for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

I’ve been using Tweet Bot for a few weeks now, and this is my review.


Simple and Clean interface: Tweet Bot is a very basic and clean UI. It offers a timeline option and may switch between them, and the home page is extremely simple. This was also a massive disadvantage.

Gestures: Tweet Bot allows you to create gestures such as “Like” when you short swipe left, “Re-Tweet” when you long swipe left, and more.

Theme and App icon: When you purchased the Tweet Bot, it cost around $6 per year or $1 per month. You may also modify the app’s icon and theme. I choose the Wine theme, although there are more options.

Customize Navigation Bar: The navigation bar may be customized using a variety of features. Statistics, Mentions, Lists, Filters, Likes, searches, and profiles are some of the choices available.


No Ads and spaces: Tweet Bot does not display any ads, which is pretty amazing. If you don’t utilize features like spaces or bookmarks, this app is ideal.

Edit and Delete: Twitter is developing an UNDO option for Twitter Blue (I’m using Twitter Blue, and my review and impressions will be shared next week), and Tweet Bot now includes an edit and delete button. If you accidentally sent a tweet via Tweet Bot and want to change it, just utilize the edit and delete option. This functions similarly to the UNDO option.


Search: Low search functionality; unlike the official Twitter client, this app does not display all accounts or mentions.

#Hastags & @ tag: These options are available, but they will not work if you want to tweet any low-profile or seldom used #tags. When you search, it can only return a few hot hashtags. This was my main difficulty when I used very little. It was impossible for me to tweet any minor accounts.

Communities, Spaces, Bookmarks: Tweet Bot does not support tweets from Communities, thus you cannot respond to them. There are no Spaces, and you cannot join or create one. No Bookmarks, another crucial feature of Twitter that was missing from Tweet Bot.

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I believe you can give it a try for 7 days for free and then subscribe for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee.

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