Subscriptions I buy

Subscriptions to buy

Subscriptions had become an integral part of my life… I sound like the early 1900s.

Previously, we were used to purchasing items such as books, music downloads, movie CDs, and hard disc storage, but now everything is done via subscription.

I suck at learning spelling. Even I don’t know the spelling of Lose. I wrote as loose at my exams. πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈπŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ So remembering the spelling of Subscription is a huge task. πŸŒ€πŸŒ€

So I am talking about subscriptions that I am using and paying.

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Remember: This does not include any OTT because everyone has now access to OTT like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar, Aha, and Zee5.. UUFFffff!!! there many choices


Dashlane was my password manager app, for those who don’t know. Dashlane mainly generates different passwords for different sites and apps. This also stores them and auto-fills when required. As of 2022 data breaches have become very normal we need to protect our data. So password manager is required.

I have written a detail review of Dashlane. I have mentioned features like Dark Web monitoring, VPN, password changer, password generator, and much more.

One more interesting this was that Dashlane costs just Rs.50 per month.

There will be some subscriptions that I will be unable to cancel, and this is one of them. From my Google account to some ransom accounts, I save all of my passwords there itself.


If you want to read the book but don’t have the time or interest, I strongly suggest using Audible. If you use this link, you can listen to one book for free.

For those who are unfamiliar with Audible. It was an audiobook app where you could buy an audiobook and listen to it. Audible is only Rs.199 per month. You can listen to an unlimited number of Podcasts and Audible Originals after purchasing one Audiobook. I use this app every day for at least an hour. I mostly use it to listen to fiction books before going to sleep or when I need to relax.

You are my reason to smile and The defining decade is currently on my books.

Google One

The Google One cloud storage service. I’d like to keep a copy of my hard drive and photos on all of my devices. As a result, carrying a physical drive is inconvenient. So I use Google One, which costs me Rs.130 per month. I’ll be given 100 GB of storage space.

There are many alternatives like OneDrive, iCloud, pCloud but I am an android user I like the integration of Google One. I recommend iCloud for iOS users.


This app, in my opinion, does not require any introduction. If you’ve used Spotify’s free version, you’ll know how irritating the ads are, which is why I purchased a Spotify subscription as well. However, I am currently using the student version, which costs around Rs.66 per month. This was a better deal than listing ads, in my opinion. I also enjoy Spotify’s song radio and recommendations on occasion. The desi language stinks the majority of the time (Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil)

YouTube and YT Music

This is the other app I use the most, and I believe it is used by the majority of us. With multiple ads in a single video, YouTube was getting better at ruining our experience. Previously, each video could only have one ad, but now it can have up to three. As a result, I believe that purchasing a premium is an excellent choice. I purchased another student plan for around Rs.80 per month.

You will receive YouTube Music Premium for free if you purchase YouTube. Buy 1 get 1. When I visit Telegu and Kannada, I occasionally listen to YT music. They sang folk songs and were excellent at making suggestions.

So these are the few subscriptions I am using and comment on yours. Also, follow me on Twitter for the latest tech news and smartphone updates.

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