Spotify is selling Audiobooks. Not worth it?

Spotify is now selling audiobooks on its platform, with over 300,000 titles available.

The Audiobook section can be found in the top right search bar.

So these audiobooks are not free, and you must purchase them from the web player. However, if you are using your phone, you can send an email, log in to the web player on your phone, and make a purchase.

I checked the price of Stephen King’s book Dark Tower 1 and it costs about $15.49, but we can find better deals on Audible or Scribd.
With an Audible subscription, you not only get that book, but you also get access to Amazon Original.

In Scribd, you can’t buy the book, but you can listen until you subscribe. You can listen to millions of other audiobooks, ebooks, and much more with that subscription.

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I don’t find this audiobooks option particularly useful until you are a part of the Spotify ecosystem.

Spotify Audiobooks are only available in the United States, and anyone, free or paid, can purchase the book; this is unrelated to any subscriptions. However, if you had a family subscription and purchased a book, but that book is no longer available to your family. It was exclusively for you.

That’s all I’ve got, guys. What are your thoughts on Spotify Audiobooks?
If you don’t find this post useful, thanks for wasting your time.