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Should Influencers need to stop producing content?

I recently saw this tweet and make me think.

Hello everyone who finds this post my name is Manoj and I am a blogger who writes tech reviews and product reviews, but when I saw this tweet, it made me stop and think.

This applies to all product reviews, not just smartphones. When you open YouTube and search for iPhone 14 Pro review, you’ll find nearly 100 videos that all say the same thing about the pros and cons. Although opinions differed, the overall goal remained the same.

So I’m wondering if we should stop creating content or if I should be the first to post content.

In one of Garyvee’s speeches, one of the creators asked Gary, “I am not the first person to talk about that type of content or make videos in that category.” Garyvee immediately points out that Netflix was not the first company to rent CDs, and Tesla was not the first car company to produce EVs. (I didn’t have the link to the video; if I find it, I’ll post it.)

So my take on that tweet was, Yes John may be correct but each creator has their own set audience, each creator has their way of content delivery, and moreover, each person has their own opinion to say. That our choice (audiences) whether to follow him or not and watch or not.

This is purely my take as a content writer and it may change for you. However, if you don’t find this post useful, Thanks🙏for wasting your time.

Good BYE 👋👋

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