OnePlus teases the release of the OnePlus Nord Watch.

OnePlus has now formally hinted at the Nord Watch after the initial leak from six months ago. Given that the OnePlus Watch was a bummer when it was released in March, OnePlus needs to learn from that experience this time around.

OnePlus Nord was expanding its product line up from Smartphones to the recently launched Nord Buds CE and now to smartwatches. OnePlus India has officially teased it on their Twitter handle

This Nord Watch, unlike the previous one, was only available in India because Nord has a larger customer base there.

According to rumors, the OnePlus Nord watch will come in two shapes and five different variants.

The watch will reportedly be available in both rectangular and circular shapes. The circular option will be available in three variations, while the rectangular option will only be available in two.

Screen sizes for the circular variations will be 240X240 and 390X390 pixels. While the screens on the rectangular Nord Watch have resolutions of 368×448 and 240×280 pixels, respectively.

While the specifications of any of these aren’t available, rumors claim that the Nord Watch, which is one of the more affordable options, will cost around Rs. 5000, making it the least expensive smartwatch from a major smartphone manufacturer.

I was particularly interested in the base version because I want to check the build quality and see what features they might add. Additionally, I was curious about the rectangular shape because I want to see how OnePlus will design its user interface and make the most of the available space for the apps.

What feature did you like to see in the new Nord Watch and Firstly, are you interested in Nord Watch

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Source @AndroidPolice, @firstpost and @OnePlus