Everything You Need To Know About iOS 16. Lock screen, iMessage & more.

Apple announced some exciting updates and glimpses of iOS 16 yesterday. The new iOS 16 includes some new features that users have been requesting. It adds new widget customization to the lock screen. To make it more convenient, the new iOS 16 lock screen notifications have been moved to the bottom of the screen.

iMessage has been greatly improved in iOS 16, and you can now edit, undo, and delete messages.

Find out Everything you need to know about iOS 16

Lock Screen

The iOS 16 update includes new lock screen updates. With iOS 16, you can start customizing your lock screen by simply tapping on it. You can change the clock’s fonts, colors, wallpaper filter, and even add your favorite widget. You can move your wallpaper to the bottom or top of the screen to add your favorite widgets.


More iMessage features have been added to the new iOS 16. I’m not sure how many of you use iMessage, but in India, most of us don’t. Comment if you’re an iMessage guy or not.

Coming to the new updates of iMessages it got four major updates

  • Edit
  • Undo
  • Mark as unread
  • SharePlay


Yes!! We all send and delete messages that are incorrect or misspelled. However, you can now edit the iMessage that you just sent. Simply select the option, edit, and send.


Similarly to editing, you can now undo the message you just sent. Simply tap on the messages and choose to undo them.

Mark as Unread

If you are too busy to read the message, you can mark it as unread and return to it later.


You can now watch your favorite movies without lags or interruptions thanks to SharePlay. You can now remove the background of any image and send it in messages thanks to the new AI.


I’ve heard that iPhone notifications are terrible. I believe Apple listened to your feedback, as the notification is now moved to the bottom of the screen, making it more continent. The new notification updates also hide all of your notifications for the next 24 hours, allowing you to concentrate on your work without distraction.

Even the music notification also moves downwards.

Follow us on to get notifications downside of your lock screen and turn on the bell icon.

Focus mode

Focus mode is available in iOS 15. However, with the new iOS 16, it has advanced. The lock screen and widgets are now in focus mode. So you could have one screen set up for work and another for personal use.

Similarly, when you enable work mode in an app like Safari, it will limit the tabs modes that help you work.

Apple Pay and Pay later

Apple Pay is becoming more widely available. INDIA, however, does not. You can now accept payment from your NFC card using your iPhone; no machine is required.

Apple Pay Later worked similarly to Slice in that we could use money and pay later. You can have up to 4 months of no interest EMI with Apple Pay Later.

Still, there were many updates on iCloud, Family sharing, Apple Maps, and Wallet.

So check out this post from CNET to get more information.

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