Don’t buy 4G phones

There were deals going on from Flipkart and Amazon, however, I strongly advise not buying any 4G phones.

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On October 1, our Prime Minister introduced 5G, and the speeds were incredible, which most Indians did not see and cannot imagine. It reached 1000Mbps and had an average speed of 250Mbps, which was insane.

The majority of phone brands do not yet support 5G. We can now see it in OnePlus, Realme, and other devices. Major brands like as Motorola have begun to support 5G, and all 5G devices will be supported by the end of November.

Samsung 📱will enable 5G support for their phones in mid-November, while Apple 🍎will do so in December.

Almost all brands began supporting 5G in India before the end of the year, and telecom providers have yet to launch 5G services in other cities beginning in 2023.

As a result, 5G will be available throughout India within a few months.

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In India, we are approaching Diwali and have a variety of fantastic discounts from Flipkart, Amazon, and offline stores such as Big C, Sangeeta, and Happy Mobiles. And you had some very good deals on 4G phones, but you didn’t buy them.

As an average use of a phone for at least 2 years, if you buy a 4G phone today, you may use it till 2024 at least.

So I recommend adding some extra money and purchasing 5G phones. Because 5G phones are no longer pricey, you can buy them for less than Rs. 12,000 as well.

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