Top 10 Indian cinemas of 2022:From The Kashmir files to RRR.

Absolutely! It was great to see movies back in theatres! The last year was a difficult one for the film industry, but thankfully the release of some of this year’s biggest blockbusters has been a bright spot. We’ve seen some amazing films in 2022, from exciting action flicks to heart-warming dramas. It’s definitely been a great year for movies and I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings!

There are some struggles in some states like Andhra Pradesh where ticket price was reduced to <Rs.20 (<$0.5) for some period of time by overcoming all these 2022 was a marvels year.

Final conclusion was

‘This Year 2022 was the time for South Indian Movies

Here are the top 10 movies that are released in India from various states.

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777 Charlie (8.9)

777 Charlie

For those who love pets especially, Dogs should must the movie. It portrays the dog name Charlie and its journey of it.

Dharma is stuck in a rut with his negative and lonely lifestyle and spends each day in the comfort of his loneliness. A pup named Charlie enters his life and gives him a new perspective on it.


  • Story
  • Screen Play
  • Hero
  • Pan India (Multiple Languages

Ponniyin Selvan: Part One (7.8)


It was the highest-budget movie from Tamil Industry (Kollywood). This film was a historical movie with great visuals. It was directed by Mani Ratnam. The movie starred some of the biggest actors and actresses.

Vandiyathevan sets out to cross the Chola land to deliver a message from Crown Prince Aditha Karikalan. Kundavai attempts to establish political peace as vassals and petty chieftains plot against the throne. Unrest grips the land as a long-tailed comet arrives, signaling a time of turmoil.

As a historical movie, it will be boring until you get into the story and remember the names of the characters.


  • Screen Play
  • Music (AR Rahman)

Sita Ramam (8.6)

Sita Ramam

One of the best movies in 2022. It was a pure love story with a good story. This movie was released just in Telugu but got the attention of the whole of India. The characters in the movie are just so romantic.

An orphan soldier, Lieutenant Ram’s life changes after he gets a letter from a girl named Sita. He meets her and love blossoms between them. When he comes back to his camp in Kashmir, After he gets caught in jail, he sends a letter to Sita which won’t reach her.

  • If you didn’t watch the movie then you are missing some classic retro love story.

Language Released: Telugu


  • Songs (Just Amazing)
  • Love Story
  • Heroine

Major (8.2)


Major starred by Adivi Sesh was the biography of the soldier Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was martyred in action during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks. This movie makes you cry at the end. This movie shows their childhood life, how he became a soldier, his love story and how he died.

Language Released: Telugu, Hindi


  • Indian History
  • Screen Play
  • Love towards country and Family

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect (8.8)


This was the second biography movie on the list.

Based on the life of Indian Space Research Organization scientist Nambi Narayanan, who was framed for being a spy and arrested in 1994. Though free, he continues to fight for justice against the officials who falsely implicated him.

Languages Released: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu.


  • Story
  • Screen Play
  • Acting of Madhavan

Kantara (8.5)


Kantara starred, directed, and written by Rishab Shetty was the most popular movie released this year with a very low budget of less than Rs.20CR($24,00,000) and has a box office record of more than 20X Rs. 400Cr and counting.

It involves the culture of Kambala and Bhootha Kola. A human and nature conflict where Shiva is a rebel who defends his village and nature. Death leads to war between villagers and evil forces. Will he be able to regain peace in the village?

This movie was actually made for Karnataka, Telugu, and Tamil States. This movie has attracted several celebrities from other industries and had a demand to dub in the Hindi language also.

Language Released: Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi.


  • Acting
  • Story

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Vikram (8.4)


Best comeback for Kamal Hassan sir to the movies after so many years. This was the first movie from Kollywood that came into the multiverse.

In a high-octane action film where a special investigator is assigned a case of serial Killings, he finds the case is not what it seems to be, and leading down this path is only going to end in a war between everyone involved.

This film was entirely different from the Masala stuff, you can’t find any item songs, No heroine.

The Music from Anirudh was just mind-blowing. The director Lokesh kanagaraj made the movie very interesting with many twists and plots.

Languages Released: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi


  • Screen Play
  • Kamal Hassan
  • Actor Surya
  • Music and BGM

Worst Movies of 2022: From Liger to Radhe Sham. Coming Soon

K.G.F: Chapter 2 (8.3)

K.G.F: 2

After the huge success of K.G.F: Chapter 1 which was made for just South India and is low budget attracts everyone.

In the blood-soaked Kolar Gold Fields (K.G.F), Rocky’s name strikes fear into his foes. While his allies look up to him, the government sees him as a threat to law and order. Rocky must battle threats from all sides for unchallenged supremacy.

After this movie, many people think this was a real story but NOT it was fictional.

This movie adds good hype to the hero and connects the family audience with the mother sentiment between Rocky and his mother.

Languages Released: Kannada, Telugu, Tamil. Malayalam, Hindi


  • Dialogues
  • Hero Attitude
  • Mother Sentiment
  • Screen Play
  • Songs and BGM

Did you know: This Rs.300 Cr movie which collect more than Rs. 1000Cr was edited by 19-year-old YouTuber.

The Kashmir Files (8.3)

The Kashmir Files

The Kashmir Files this movie was released in early 2022 and made a storm about Indian politics.

Kashmir Files is A heart-wrenching tale that captures the pain, suffering, and struggle of the Kashmiri Pandit community in 1990 and leads Krishna, a young college student, to set out on a quest to uncover the truth.

The movie touches the heart of every Indian and it portrays the harsh truths of India and Pakistan taking control of Kashmir and the people there.

MUST WATCH MOVIE and available only on Zee 5

Languages Released: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada

RRR (7.9)


RRR is the only movie that got the best director award at New York Film Critics Circle. In 2023 RRR was the biggest box office collected movie with over Rs.1200 Cr.

RRR is a fictitious story about two legendary revolutionaries and their journey away from home before they started fighting for their country in the 1920s.

Languages: Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi


  • Multi-Started movie (Ram Charam, NTR, Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn)
  • Visuals and graphic
  • Available in 3D also
  • Narration

The Director was the #1 director in India with top 3 Indian Box office records with Bahubali, RRR.


My Favourite movie in this list was #Vikram, #SitaRamam and #KGF2

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Most of the source was taken from IMDb.