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Best Brain Games for Focus & Giveaway

I had some childhood memories of playing Sudoko from the newspaper, Bingo with friends, XOX games, and more.

But now that everyone has smartphones, I spend the majority of my time on Instagram and YouTube, which are time wasters and useless. My creativity has suffered as a result of spending the entire day online chatting with friends and scrolling reels, and as a young content writer, I need to be somewhat creative in order to write good blogs. After doing a lot of research and realizing that playing games with pen and paper with offline friends is impossible, I discovered Peak.


The PEAK was a brain training game that helped me improve my focus, language skills, problem-solving abilities, and more. Furthermore, it was also available for free.

Here’s why I should choose Peak over others. 

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Subscriptions to buy

Various Games

At PEAK, you can easily find over 15 different games in various categories. There are games to help me improve my focus, language, memory, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and mental ability.

I can find more than 4–5 different games in each category, which keeps me from becoming bored with the app/games.

Daily and Challenging Goals

Similar to how you train your body in the gym with various activities, our brain requires daily and challenging goals to improve.

There will be daily goals with 6 different games based on your score in the PEAK app. This forces my brain to work outside of its comfort zone in order to solve them, allowing me to boost my creativity slightly.

When it comes to challenges, the app provides some excellent options. I’m not sure if PEAK is using AI, but whenever my score drops, the level of difficulty is automatically reduced to boost my confidence to never give up. And that is what I appreciate the most about this app.

Stats or Analytics

I can confidently state that the PEAK app was the most personal brain training app I’ve ever used. Peak has some settings, one of which asks if I am colorblind or dyslexic ( a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words). This helps in personalization.

When it comes to Analytics, there is a separate column to keep track of the scores and graph. I can see my target and current status in that column. Even after completing every game, PEAK will tell you how good or bad you are in comparison to other users.

Beyond that, the analytics can display the status of overtime, comparing each game in the same category and percentile (You vs Your Age group).

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Pricing and Subscriptions.

The peak was available for freemium in both the PlayStore and the App Store. However, the free version, in my opinion, has some limited games, personalization restrictions, and Stats.

When you upgrade to the premium version, all games are unlocked, no ads are displayed, and you get good analytics. It has two subscription models.
Rs.100 per month, or Rs.700 per year. (Not sponsored)

One advantage is that with any subscription, you can invite up to 5 family members or friends to play with them.


I hope you read this post, if not also you can participate in this giveaway. Just comment on the best feature in this app, share my blog post with others (a small help to grow my account) and I will gift any 3 people with a Monthly subscription. Β 

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