Twitter new updates

Twitter is doing multiple new things as Elon Musk stated that we are going to many things and keep which works.

From last couple of days Twitter is working on some new features



Twitter Coins and In-app Payments

According to Financial Times, has begun applying for regulatory licenses in US states, the next legal requirement for providing payment services in the app.

“In November, Twitter registered with the US Treasury as a payments processor, according to a regulatory filing. It has now also begun to apply for some of the state licenses it would need in order to launch, these people said. The remainder would be filed shortly, in the hope that US licensing was completed within a year, one of the people said.”

Through Twitter coins, users would be able to make donations to creators in the app, through on-profile tipping, but beyond that, Twitter’s also exploring options like unlockable tweets, paywalled video, and more, as it seeks to embed broader usage and adoption of in-app payments

Twitter Blue for Business

Elon Musk Twitter need money, Twitter is currently working on Blue Checkmark for business accounts.

According to reports, Twitter is asking organizations to pay $1,000 per month, plus an additional $50 monthly for each affiliated sub-account, to maintain the gold check-mark verification badges

Twitter SMS two-factor authentication.

Twitter couple of days ago announced that their Two-Factor Authentication will be available for Blue Subscribers. Elon Musk said that it’s better to use authentication apps which is better than SMS.

Many companies from years are loosing money as default SMS charges. Now Tiwtter made this change and I think it was good.

Twitter 4000 characteristics.

The most asked feature by Twitter users over a decade was Long form tweets. Now with Twitter Blue, you can tweet up to 4000 characteristics.

I think it was a waste. Did you think anyone read the F**king 4000 char sentences which look like paragraphs? I think no one. Atleast they need to work on some customization like Bold, Italic, H1, H2, and more like that.

Until then it was just another feature that was asked by many but no one uses barely.

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